Why P.K. Subban’s Contract Is Awesome for Habs Fan

PK Subban new Contract
Written by Frank Violette

9 MILLIONS DOLLARS PER YEAR!?!?!?!?! That was my second reaction, my first one was 8 years, that’s AMAZING! As a habs fan I was really glad that they we’re able to sign him for 8 years because he’s a very important piece of this teams’ future. The 9 million of cap space that he’ll be using for the next 8 year got me a little concerned for a second, but not anymore and here’s why…


The NHL salary cap goes up by a few million each year so getting him locked in at 9m for 8 years is perfect! Think about it, they could of signed him for something between 6-8m for a few year then he would of been able to negotiate an even larger contract because of the cap space going up so let say 10-11m. At 10-11m he has the salary of an great 3rd line scorer or good young 2nd line forward.

And most important of it all, the guy is not done improving his game and he proved it every season so far. So this is a very good sign by Bergevin and will help the Habs get back to glory.

Go Habs Go!

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So what do you guys think of this contract?

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