Vinny Lecavalier’s Second Chance in the NHL

Vincent Lecavalier
Written by Frank Violette

Every one knows that the game is getting faster every year and speed doesn’t go too well with aging. This is why Vinny Lecavalier dropped so quickly from being one of the best hockey player on earth to a third or fourth liner on a lame ass team like the Philadelphia Flyers. But for some reason, after about 30 games into the season, the Kings traded for him and Luke Schenn and the Flyers got a 3rd pick and Jordan Weal.

This was a big career change for Vincent, he now produces more and plays more. This can only help the moral of a guy that barely played in Philly. The weird thing here is that the Los Angeles Kings are cup contenders and the Flyers aren’t even close to that so how come Vinny wasn’t getting ice time in Philly? I mean, the guy is a true veteran in the CHEL and he as a bunch of points on hockey DB to prove that he can put the rubber in the twine. The answer to why he wasn’t getting the ice time he deserve is probably only known to management and MAYBE Vinny. I’m guessing that the coach and him didn’t get along so it would be an easy rout to take and one that would make sense as well.

Given a Second Chance

It only took a few games for Lecavalier to show that he could contribute to the LA Kings line-up, he’s not bringing the points per game that he used to but for the amount of ice time that he’s playing it’s a pretty good average of 1 point per 2 games. Vinny seems to be a cheap/great acquisition for the Kings being cup contenders every year.

Is this his last year

They are some rumours going around that Vincent already made the decision that this will be is last season, that being said, this was before he got traded to the Kings where he seems to be having a good time over there. It will probably depends on if he can find a team that can give him a similar role that the Kings did.

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