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Top 5 NHL Prospects for 2013 draft

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Written by Frank Violette

Seth Jones #2 in the NHL Scouting central mid-season reportThe NHL scouting central released their mid-season prospect list for the NHL 2013, here is my predictions based on this report. I based this ranking comparing their previous stats and the progress that was made during their last 2 or 3 seasons. I also choose five in the NHL’s scouting report top 15 so some players may have been left behind, let me know what your top 5 would be in the comments!

With the high probability of a full season being cancel, the draft order would be decided with a 30 team lottery, so this makes it very exciting knowing that the Oilers only have a chance out of 30 to get another 1st overall

#5 Jonathan Drouin

Looking at the Mooseheads left winger’s stats of this year compared to last year, it’s easy to see that this kid is developing his hockey skill very quickly the question is, is he feeding of MacKinnon or is he his own man?

#4 Sean Monahan

Monahan is in his third season in the OHL with the Ottawa 67’s, and based on his stats since his debut in the OHL he prove that he can evolve every game.

#3 Elias Lindholm

Even though he does not have a lots of games played, I got a feeling that Lindholm is going to be picked in the top 5. His first season in the SEL he had 0 points in 12 games, but this league is a professional league and the kid was only 16. This year it’s a whole different picture for him, being the second best scorer of his team at only 17 years old is pretty impressive so keep an eye on this one.

#2 Seth Jones

Seth Jones played the two previous seasons in the U.S. National Development Team with only 48 games played in two years he opted to play in the CHL to get more games under his belt, so far so good…

#1 Nathan MacKinnon

MacKinnon was on the top of this list last year, and he still his in my book. This kid delivers every night a solid performance, with this kind of season he’s on his way to be 1st overall of the 2013 NHL draft.

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