The Kids are alright with the Montreal Canadiens

Gallagher celebrates Alex Galchnyuk's first NHL goal

After last year’s disaster season, no one thought that The Montreal Canadiens would be first in the eastern conference after 25 games in the season. We all know that the main for their success is the changes that were made in management, the new GM Marc Bergevin and the new Head Coach Michel Therrien. They have a lot of experience and mostly they know what it takes to win in today’s NHL. Even with teams full of super stars doesn’t mean that you’re going to win (Washington Capitals for exemple), it has to be a team effort every night, and it’s easy to see that Montreal embraced that philosophy and its working great for them so far. Another part of the Habs success is what the younger players like Brendan Gallagher and Alex Galchenyuk bring to the game and the locker room.

It’s been a while since we saw rookies enter the Montreal Canadiens line up at such a young age, usually they would have been sent to their junior team or the bulldogs after the training camp. This year is different, Michel Therrien wanted to keep Gallagher and Galchenyuk in the team roster for a reason and Therrien is used to coaching young stars in the NHL you might remember, Kris Letang, Evgeni Malkin or Crosby. Therrien is to one who iniciated them to the big league and they are all doing great.

Brendan Gallagher give all he got EVERY games, this kid is unstoppable, image at 20 years old, his first year as a pro, and he plays like that!! Can’t wait till the guy is 25 years old he’s going to be a game changer every night. With 14 points in 21 games the Habs rookie is on his way for the Calder trophy. He also led the team with a +/- of +12 which is great for his first year as a pro.

As for Alex Galchenyuk, I’m blown away by his maturity and his talent. He’s more of a stickhandler than a grinder but he still shows that he wants to win every night. He’s exciting to watch play and I believe that in a few years he’ll be the number one center for the habs and a dominant player in this league. In 25 games he as 13 points and a +/- of +7 so he’s doing great defensively.

We’ll see what they turn out to be in a few years but mark my words, these guys are going to help the Habs win their 25th Stanley cup in a near future……

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