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Team Canada Starting Goalie – 2014 Sochi Olympics

Team Canada Goalies
Written by Frank Violette

One of our nations most asked questions this year his… Who’s our starter at the Olympics? Before the start of the season it was hard to answer this, but now that the fourth of the NHL season is played, we know at least one name that is going to take one of the 3 goalie spots. Carey Price. If you don’t agree with me, I’m sorry but you don’t know sh!t about hockey.

And as of November 25th, the backups would probably Luuuuuongo and surprisingly Josh Harding(if not him, Corey Crawford or Mike Smith). The 3rd goalie won’t probably even get dressed for a game, he’ll will probably get dressed in case something major happens like an injury or a very VERY poor performance by one of the first 2 goaltenders.

Luongo will make a great backup for Price if he doesn’t need to go in the net too often during the Olympics, the guy is too flimsy but he’s got great experience to share with Price. So below is the stats and ranking of Canadian goaltender whom are in the race for playing for team Canada at the Sochi Olympics this winter. Which is probably one of the greatest accomplishment that a hockey could have.

Rank Name GP W L OT SV% GAA SO
#1 Carey Price 19 9 8 2 ,935 2.05 1
#2 Robert Luongo 21 10 7 4 ,914 2.30 2
#3 Josh Harding 19 13 3 2 ,939 1.48 2
#4 Corey Crawford 22 15 4 3 ,908 2.50 0
#5 Mike Smith 21 12 4 4 ,912 3.02 0

#1 Carey Price – Selected

(SV% ->,935 /\ GAA ->2.05)

He gives the Habs a chance to win EVERY night, he’s also showing it with the Habs being in the top 3 team for less goal against in the league. There’s not another goaltender who’s doing the same thing in the NHL at this moment.

#2 Roberto Luongo – Selected

(SV% ->,914 /\ GAA ->2.30)
Luongo is known as a player who crumbles under pressure, so having him on team Canada stresses me a littel bit but as long as he’s not our number 1 goaltender I’m fine with that. He still has a LOT of experience because he won the Gold Medal in 2010 in Vancouver, this will help whoever gets to be the starter for team Canada.

#3 Josh Harding

(SV% ->,939 /\ GAA ->1.48)
With the stats that he has so far this season this guy can’t be ignored. He took Backstrom’s spot as a starter in the NHL and as and incredible goal against average of 1.48 in 19 games. But what is even more surprising, is what he has to go through just to be able to play the game. He has multiple sclerosis so he need to go through treatment every day to be able to compete in the league, and now he’s probably the best goaltender in the league.

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