Sidney Crosby 2014 Season Review

Sidney Crosby 2014 Season Review
Written by Frank Violette
Sidney Crosby

Sidney Crosby

Alright, I think that if a player deserve a full post about his season every year is the one and only Sidney Crosby. After a lot of doubt on his performance after coming back from a lot of injuries, Crosby is still proving to be the best player in the NHL(in the world as well).

With the Sochi coming up in February, everyone was hoping that Crosby will get his scoring touch back to lead our country to another Gold medal in Sochi. After 50 games  he leads the NHL in points with 69, that’s 7 points ahead of is closest rival and Canadian team-mate John Tavares. The big gap in points separating him with the others proves that the guy is still the best hockey player in the world, imagine what it could have been without all the injuries that he had.

At the beginning of the season Pittsburgh struggled, not like the poor Buffalo Sabres but they weren’t getting the result that was expected from them. They were doing very well at home and they still are doing well, with a record of 24-4-0 it allows them to sit very comfortably at the top of the Eastern conference.

A big part of that slow start for the Pens is the fact that they had a lot of injuries, at some point during the season they were missing 4 of their top 6 defence. But now they got a healthy line up and they’re dominating the Eastern conference. The reason that they kept going during all those injuries is probably Crosby’s leader ship, looking at his stats the guy NEVER gave up, not like his assistant Evgeni Malkin who was pretty much a ghost when James Neal wasn’t in the lineup.

So far Sid’s season is fantastic and the Pens are now serious cup contenders for the 2014 Playoffs. But most importantly he seemed to be fully ready for the 2014 Sochi Olympics that starts in a few weeks.



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