Shea Weber’s Shot Victims List

shea weber slap shot
Written by Frank Violette

How would you like to be on the penalty kill against Shea Weber’s power play unit? Yeah, I’d rather clean the corner pub’s washroom floor. Having to block a Shea Weber One-Timer as to be one of the scariest things a hockey player would have to do on the ice!

The Victims

Weber as an unbelievably powerful shot and there’s a long list of victim to prove it.

Corey Crawford’s Head

March 14, 2017

Shea Weber Head Shot on Corey Crawford

Results Corey Crawford discovered a new constellation but was able to finish the game.

Matt Nieto’s Leg

February 7, 2017

Matt Nieto block Shea Webers Shot

Results Pain

Brandan Gallagher’s Right Hand

January 4, 2017

Shea Weber Shot on Brendan Gallagher

Results Gallagher ended up with a broken finger and was out of the line up for over 4 weeks.

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