PK Subban – A Look into His Life Off the Ice with Vice Sports

PK Subban - Vice Sports
Written by Frank Violette

Every one know him as the hockey player but just a few really knows PK Subban off the ice. Vice Sports made it possible for us to learn about PK Subban the man, not the hockey player.

Subban signed a 72 Millions dollar deal with the Montréal Canadiens and since he’s going to be in Montreal for a long time he figured, why not give $10 Million to the Children Hospital of Montréal. Anyway take a look at the video to learn more about what PK is off the ice.

It shows how much of a good guy he really is and that he wants to give back to the people that touched him.

On a side note, here just released is web site which contains everything PK.


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  • When a player think he is bigger then the Team its say all …..
    When the suppose best dman on the planet…. euhhh……. is not invited to be a member of team Canada then you know there is something wrong somewhere …
    When you have been on team Canada and win a gold medal but dont play 1 minute per game with your team then you must think …why they didnt dress Subban ??
    He is a distraction for the teamate ….he is a good show off guy and very funny ,he has a nice personnallity, i saw him a few time on french tv having fun on some french and english program when he was invited to some shows …i like him but on the ice i prefer to see him with another team …he has many good side ,but for Hockey player s. He is a big distraction and he take to much place in the room …he had problem with the coach ,with many players,with the person in charge of the equipement …always want to do it the way he wants …iff you live in Montreal you can see all those little things that shows he wants to control the team ,the coachs …iff he would just focus on his game and stop blaming others for everything he would be really good but its not the case …last year he blame the man who take care of is skate for bad plays he makes … Before that he said to the coach he should play him differently ..Predator made a mistake and i am glad to see him with them because he will make them a worst team for sure ……he his a excellent player with a really disturbing attitude and a big head …too bad for him and is teamate …..many players will feel uncorfortable with him beside them …..for me the biggest thing is when they didnt play him with team Canada and didnt invite him with team Canada …thats shows a lot for a 9 millions dollar player……thats what i saw in Montreal from Subban

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