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Olympics Men Hockey Round Robin Resume

Sochi Round Robin Resume - Men Hockey
Written by Frank Violette

Alright, up to now we have got a lot of good hockey. Not a lot of surprises but there was a few but the biggest one are to come. Starting now, you lose a game you lose the gold. So here it is, the resume for the Men Hockey round robin at the Sochi Olympics.

Team USA

Their first game against was is I would describe is as PURE DOMINATION! They won 7-1 against Slovakia and they looked like they took the foot off the gas pedal at the end to save the Slovaks honor.

Game #2  was probably the biggest match in the round robin, Russia vs USA. The game every one was expecting to be all out offense but it was surprisingly a very defensive from both team beat tight the whole 60 minutes. The end of the game will probably be the best that there will be in Sochi, 9 round of shootouts and TJ Oshie went in 5 time to give the win to team USA 3-2.

Game #3 against Slovenia, enough said.

Medal Round Preview

Team USA finished second in the round robin giving them a spot in the quarter finals, they will be facing the winner of the game between the Czech Republic and Slovakia. What’s really interesting is if they all goes like it should they will face team Canada in the semi finals which should be another EPIC matchup.

Team Canada

Team Canada couldn’t ask for a better group to be in, and their schedule was perfect also. They were facing to easy team to start the tournament to finish it off with one of the contender for the Gold.

Game #1 against Norway was a low scoring game but it was also the first game and it was easy to see that team Canada was having a hard time getting the chemistry started. Passes was often out of reach and it was a mess in the offensive zone. Luckily this was only in the first 20 minutes, the last 2 periods Canada dominated in Norway’s end but they faced a pretty good goaltender allowing only 3 goals on 38 shot. Price let in only one goal on 20 shots and it was a pretty good deflection so nothing to blame on him.

Game #2 against Austria, eazy peezy. 60 minutes dominations by team Canada.

drew doughtyTheir final game was a great test for them before the medal round. Against Finland they finally had to defend against a offensive team. They proved that Canada is probably the team with the strongest defence in this tournament. They won 2-1 in OT with both goals scored by Drew Doughty.

Medal Round Preview

While they proved to be very strong defensively and dominating in the puck possession time, the forward struggled to generate scoring chances even against teams like Norway and Austria. Fortunately their game against Finland made me confident that they will be able to dominate good teams and keep them away from our zone. So first game for them should be Switzerland on Wednesday after this it will be an Epic matchup against USA in the semis.

Other teams

Even if they finished first in the pool, Sweden really did not play like champions and I would be surprised if they get a medal continuing this type of hockey.

Russia played well the first game, second game was amazing! Third game was weird, they won 1-0 in a shootout against Slovakia. WTF!


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