NY Rangers biggest mistake: not re-signing Brandon Prust

Brandon Prust with The New York RangersThe New York Rangers got the biggest player on the market after the 2011-2012 NHL season, but it wasn’t cheap, they lost 2 big players in this trade with the Columbus Blue Jackets. With the addition of Rick Nash people would think that the Rangers would be even better than last year and maybe a top 2-3 team in the NHL this season. Unfortunately for the Rangers and their fan it did not happen and they sunk in the ranking and aren’t even making the playoffs at this point in the season. Is it the loss of Brandon Dubinsky and Artem Anisimov that made this, or is it the loss of another player??? Brandon Prust.

Brandon Prust won’t score 50 goals, probably not even 25, but he well give you something a lot better and very contagious, he will give you PASSION and DETERMINATION. Ever since the NY Rangers lost Brandon Prust to the Montreal Canadiens during the last off-season, they’ve been playing a week hockey style, no drive, no emotions, nothing! Think about it, they got Marian Gaborik, Rick Nash, Brad Richards and Henrik Lundqvist, those player are all-star players. And they still aren’t making the playoff this year.

Looking at this makes a lot of sense, the Montreal Canadiens had a really hard year last season, the kind of season that the fans knows that their team isn’t making the playoffs after 41 games. The guys didn’t show that they wanted to win games, coaches and the managers where very discreet about EVERYTHING. I know one player does not make a whole team gain 14 ranks in the standings, but you got to admit that since Brandon Prust is with the Habs the guys play a hard game and they show that they are ready for a war every night. The new management staffs and coaches probably had a big impact on this revamped Montreal Canadiens, after all they are the ones who acquired Prust.


The guy plays with his heart and he plays like there is no tomorrow, if the Andrei Kostitsyn of this world would play with the tenth of determination that Prust does, Andrei would still be a Montreal Canadiens today. A lot of players could learn from this guy and I think this is why the Montreal Canadiens are doing so well this year, when you see a guy give all he as for the team you can’t stand back, you have to do the same.

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