No Vacations For Bettman

Last week the NHL asked to take a two weeks break from the negotiation of the next, of course Donald Fehr wasn’t pleased with that idea and they schedule to continue the negotiation on November 19th.

This is day 66 of the NHL lockout, and other than negotiations still being done, there’s no sign of hope for a NHL season on the horizon. So far every game up untill nov 30th as been canceled, so we lost 2 months of hockey and more for sure. Let’s say they make a deal tomorrow, it’s going to be 5-7 days to get all the players who went overseas back then another week for a shortened training camp. So where down to 2 months and a half of lost hockey memories, and that’s only if a deal is signed tomorrow,

My hopes are that a deal is signed before the start of september, I have hockey to watch like AHL and CHL games but nothing is like watching your favorite team win.

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