NHL Week #3 Resume

Soooo how does it feel? After 2 weeks of great hockey I can’t already wait for the playoffs! Just kidding. A lot of surprises since for in the first 8-10 games so far so here’s just a few of them.

Nashville Predators Amazing Start

Their rookies and newly added vets are doing a great job in this early season but I’m thinking that it’s the change of coach that brought this breath of fresh air in the Preds locker room.

Montreal Canadiens East Coast Domination

The Canadiens had a great start so far being 8-2-1, they’re ranked 2nd in the league just one point being the Mighty Ducks. This is their best start in over 50 years of hockey so it looks like they carried the momentum of their amazing playoff run last year.

Re-Birth of Rick Nash

In the last 3-4 seasons Rick Nash didn’t really produced like he did during his first 4-5 seasons but this year he’s on a pace of 82 Goals! Probably won’t happen but he sure his proving to be a great asset this year compared to last year in the playoffs with only 10 points. Maybe the birth of is new child gave him a boost!?

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