2013 NHL Playoff Possible Upsets

Henrik Zetterberg againt the Anaheim DucksRemember who won the Stanley Cup last year? Remember what seed they were? The LA Kings we’re the 8th seed in the western conference and in the first round they got through the Vancouver Canucks in only five games and the rest of their playoff run is history. So now that we know that upsets are possible, in the present 2013 NHL Playoff who could be that underdog team to make it all the way to the finals?

Looking at the playoff tree, I found a few teams that could make a first round upset. First upset that would make sense to me are the seventh seed Detroit Red Wings beating theAnaheim (Mighty) Ducks. The Red Wings came close this year on ending a 22 years old streak, making the playoffs, luckily in the last four games they gave all they had, Jimmy Howard had 2 shutouts and a save % of 0.969 and Henrik Zetterberg had 10 points!! So the Red Wings ended the season on fire and not only that, they have a record of 2-1-1 this season against the Anaheim Ducks. To resume the Wings are the seventh seed but they are still one of the strongest team in the league with all that experience they have.

Second team that could possibly do an upset this year is the San Jose Sharks, and I’ll tell you why, because the Canucks did not win one game against the Sharks this year. The Sharks knows what needs to be done against the nucks to beat them. Another thing is that Cory Schneider is injured that makes Vigneault put Luongo in the net, and we all know how this guy chokes under pressure. For the Canucks to win this series they’ll have to be EXCELLENT offensively to compensate their weakness between the pipes. That makes the Sharks a favourite to win this round.

This third team is part of the series that I’m the less sure of who’ll win, The Ottawa Senators. The Sens had a weird season, Karlsson, Spezza and Anderson were injured for a long time. But now that Karlsson and Anderson are back I believe that the Senators have a better team than Montreal because of that. They got a lot of young kids but they prove this season that they were ready for this league by stepping up while they had injuries on the team. I know the Habs got Galchenyuk and Gallagher but they won’t make the Habs win this (Gallagher might, I hope so but I doubt it).

Lasty, the New York Islander… Just kidding they got rapped five nothing on game one and that’s probably what’s going to happen for the next 3 games. Penguins in four (easy) games . Sorry Islanders fans.

UPDATE: While writing this article I was watching game number one between the Canucks and Sharks and I have to say that Luongo was impressive and made BIG saves.

Who to you guys think will be the cinderalla team this year?

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