NHL Lockout Roller Coaster

Day 82 of the lockout, since the players and the owners met without Bettman and Fehr, my hopes were really high. I even was pretty sure that there would be a press conference by Friday to announce the start of the season, Boy was I wrong!

All we were getting from the media is good news and that everything seems to be on its we to a deal in a few days, in reality that’s the game they have to play to keep us watching. For exemple the morning shows like Sports Center, Sportsnet Connected or Sport 30, these guys don’t have anything to show us during the week except for basketball and injured football player(as a Canadian injured or not you can still play but that’s for another article). So their show lacks of content and so does our mornings, that’s where they start playing the roller coaster game (everyone loves roller coaster, and they know it), they can’t refuse that deal, the deal was wayyyyy to aggressive, no one is interested in giving, his cat is blue….

You get the point, so for now the only thing I’ll do is take a glimpse a tsn.ca and hope to see the headlines saying that the season is starting other than that I’ll be playing NHL 13 with my buddies and watching the CHL games on Sportsnet ( great games by the way, but beware of the intermissions, a lot of lockout talk in those).

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