NHL Lockout Finally Over

NHL lockout is over

After the deception of saturday morning(Canada losing bronze game) I woke up to great news this sunday morning, THE NHL LOCKOUT IS OVER!!!! It’s still not signed because the convention needs to be written and this might take a few days but thats not a problem because both Ferh and Bettman gave a press conference this morning confirming everything.

After 16 hours of negotiation made on January 5th trought the night the NHLPA and the owners reach a 8 year agreement with a 2 year option, this is great news for fans knowing that we get to watch hockey for 8 years without having a locking and maybe 10 years(doubt it but never know).

So here is break down of what changed on this collective agreement and in favor of who.

Changes in favor of the owners

– The players contract lenght can’t be longer than 7 years but if signed with the same team it can be 8 years. So no more contracts like DiPietro and Luongo, and 7 years is good enough when you make at least 700 000$ a year.

– The draft lottery will by adding all 14 teams that di not make the playoffs eligible for the first pick.

Changes in favor of the players

– The league accepted to raise the salary cap to $64.3 millions, which a few months ago the league would not go higher than $60 millions.

The NHL already as the schedule made for the season there’s a 50 game calendar and a 48 game depending on when the new CBA is completed, the sooner the better.

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