NHL Standing Predictions 2015

nhl 2015 standings predictions
Written by Frank Violette

Every year there’s a few teams that surprisingly gets a playoff spot and every year there’s a team or two that losses their top contender spot in the NHL. This is the Division Standings that I think that we’ll have at the end of the 2015 NHL Season.

Atlantic Division Standing Prediction

1. Tampa Bay Lightning
2. Montreal Canadiens
3. Boston Bruins
4. Toronto Maple Leafs
5. Ottawa Senators
6. Detroit Red Wings
7. Buffalo Sabres
8. Florida Panthers

I put Tampa Bay first because last year they did an amazing job without their super star and now that he’s back in the line up he’s got a few young guns to help him in the offense department like Ondřej Palát and Tyler Johnson. Montreal is second because they’ll continue on what they couldn’t get done last year in the playoffs.

Boston is third, I don’t really know why but I don’t have a good feeling about them this year, they didn’t improve their line up during the off season and actually lost a few key leaders like Jarome Iginla and Shawn Thornton. For the fourth spot the Leafs will be able to make the playoffs but jsut by the skin of their teeth. The rest doesn’t deserve an explanation.

Metropolitan Division Standing Prediction

1. Pittsburgh Penguins
2. New York Rangers
3. Philadelphia Flyers
4. Washington Capitals
5. New York Islanders
6. Columbus
7. New Jersey Devils
8. Carolina Hurricane

For me, this devision is really hard to predict. Will the Penguins finally be back a dominant team? Will Cory Schneider do the difference for the Devils or will Ovi end up at minus 35 again?

I’ve put Pittsburgh first only because on paper they have the best team, hopefully for their fan they’ll have a good playoff run this year. Second is the New York Ranger, they got one of the best goaltender in the world and  really solid defence the only doubt for me is their forwards. Next up, Philly! Now that I think about it they should be lower than this and won’t make the playoffs but I don’t feel like change my predictions so their you go.

The bottom teams are the New Jersey Devils and the Carolina Hurricanes. The Devils have a very old team so I don’t see that working out well for them, the only positive that I see for this team is Cory Schneider but he can only stop the puck from going in. The Hurricanes didn’t really improve their team this year and they lost 2 key players that will miss a significant part of the season, Jordan Stall and Jeff Skinner.

Central Division

1. Chicago Blackhawks
2. Colorado Avalanche
3. Dallas Stars
4. St. Louis Blues
5. Minnesota Wild
6. Nashville Predators
7. Winnipeg Jets

The Chicago Blackhawks will be on fire this year after losing to the Kings in OT in the conference semi final, plus they added a very cheap strong player in Brad Richards. I got the second spot to be Colorado, I’m not convince that they’ll be as strong as last year but at the same time they’re a young team so every year should be better until they reach their prime. The last playoff berth goes do the Dallas Stars who greatly improved their team this year.

Nothing to say about the last teams other than they will suck.

Pacific Division

1. Anaheim Ducks
2. Los Angeles Kings
3. San Jose Sharks
4. Vancouver Canucks
5. Arizona Cayotes (Nordique de Québec)
6. Edmunton Oilers
7. Calgary Flames

The Pacific devison use to be very competitive a few years ago but now with the Canuck no longer being Cup contenders and the Coyotes slowing down there’s only 3 teams left that will battle for the top spot. The Ducks, the Kings and the Sharks.

So Connor McDavid to the Calgary Flames and Jack Eichel probably to either the Oilers or the Panthers.

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