NHL 2015 Season Preview

2015 Stanley Cup Contenders
Written by Frank Violette

Alright! The new season is only 1 week away. We all know that every one has a chance at the cup when no game has been played yet, but here’s my top 4 cup contenders for the 2015 NHL season.

First let’s describe what is a Cup Contender. It’s a team that is at 90% sure to reach the conference finals and at least did the conference finals in the last 3 years.

Chicago Blackhawks

First up or the are the Chicago Blackhawks. They lost the cup by one goals last year in over time agains the Los Angeles Kings and if they are like the previous years they will be hungrier than ever for the Stanley Cup. They got pretty much the same line-up as last year so unless they get caught with injuries during the playoffs I’m putting my money on them to win the Cup this year for a third time in five years.

Los Angeles Kings

They won the Cup last year like true champions by beating the Sharks after trailing the serie 3-0, they beat the Blackhawks in over time of game 7 and let’s tell it like it is… The Stanley Cup was won in the conference finals, the Rangers had no chance of winning this agains the Kings. So this is why I’m choosing the Kings as a Cup contender for another year, because they are clutch and have shown that they can win under any situation.

Boston Bruins

Pretty much the only team in the Eastern Conference that would be able to win the Cup against a team like the Blackhawks or the Kings. The Boston Bruins is a team that as it all, they’re fast, rough and one of the best goaltenders in the league. Since they got eliminated buy the Flyers when they we’re up 3-0 in the serie against them a few years ago they’ve always been one of the top teams in the league.

Montreal Canadiens

I know I know, they aren’t there yet but I need a second team from the Eastern Conference to make the article look good and the Habs are the closest team to be contenders in the east. They almost have the complete recipe, star defensemen, star goaltender but no star forward. With Price in net, the Habs don’t have to worry about a thing.

But like every year, there is always a few surprises and new Champions are made.

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