NHL 17 Cover Vote… Yes McDavid is in There!

Written by Frank Violette

Only 45 games in the NHL and McDavid has a good chance of making the cover of the NHL game series for the 2017 release. He is, along with 7 other NHLers, part of the EA Sports NHL Cover Vote. He’s by far the most talked about player in that list but he still might have a hard time to get more votes than some of the well established stars.

Round 1

NHL 17 Cover Vote Round 1

Joe Pavelski vs Anze Kopitar ||| Aleksander Barkov vs Jamie Be
Connor McDavid vs Jakub Voracek ||| Vladimir Tarasenko vs Victor Hedman

I’m thinking that the final 2 players on this list will be Benn and McDavid, the winner will be the one that wants it the most!!! Just kidding, I think it’s going to go to McDavid. With all the hype around this kid since the 2014 World Juniors, there’s no way he’s no way making the cover. I actually wouldn’t be surprise if he makes it 2 years in a row!

To vote, simply use the hashtag under the players’ name.

Source: Source: NHL.com

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