NHL 15 Review – Xbox One

Nhl 15 Cover - Patrice Bergeron
Written by Frank Violette

This review is based on the DEMO version of NHL 15, I will update the content once the game is released on September 9th.

First off, anyone wondering if the EASHL will be on the next Gen consoles? The answer is NO! This is a big deal for a lot of NHL fans and will probably affect the sales of the game. But fortunately they will have every other game modes. You can read more about this from the post that ea sports made about which game modes are on the nhl 15 game on the old game consoles and the new ones.

First Impressions

The first thing that I did on August 26th is to download the NHL 15 demo and play a few games before work. The first impression that I had of the game is WOW! I love the graphics on the Xbox One and the feel of the game is nearly perfect.

The demo is like it as been for years, Stanley Cup finalists for a few minutes of hockey. The difference this year is that it’s 3 periods of 2 minutes instead of only playing the 3rd period in 5 minutes.

The only down side of this demo is that it’s a demo… After trying this game I can’t wait until the full version comes out on Sept 9th.


The graphics in this games looks awesome but there’s is one thing that I think is over done, the floating jerseys. It looks good but not realistic but other than that the graphics look amazing.

In this years release they added live crowds, which I don’t really care for but they actually make you feel like you’re in the game and having the arenas copied from real life arenas makes it even more realistic. Play in the MSG and you’ll see what I mean.

Graphics Rating: 9.32


The game feels like it should, you really feel the speed of the game when you’re going on a breakaway or when you’re trying to catch up on a guy.

The new dekes are also pretty fun to do, you can check the video below to see how to make them. There’s one in particular that will almost guarantee you a goal in a shootout or during a break.(If you have a left handed shooter, do a half circle from right to the left clock wise)

Playability Rating : 9


NHL 15 - 12 Player Physics

The 12 man physics that EA added to this game is FUCKING AWESOME! This is why I love the demo and can’t wait to play the full game. It’s a lot less predictable than the previous edition of the game, which was still pretty good.

Physics Rating: 9.5

New Commentators

I’m going to miss Jim and that other guy but I don”t really care about this. I do have to admit that the new commentators makes the game feel like your watching it live on tv, you get comments from the usual guys upstairs but at times you will get some from the guy on the ice. Can’t remember is name but he was a pretty small goalie back in the days.

Commentators Rating: 8, don’t car about this sooooo…

Overall Thoughts

I’m really pleased with the demo so after writing this review I’ll be pre-ordering the game for sure! The fact that EASHL is not in the game is a bit of a downer but it’s only losing a few points from my overall rating which is…

Overall Rating:9.02

Source of the review, a guy that plays over 500 games every year on be a GM mode and over 200 games online.

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  • I’ve read in various places that the ability to edit player ratings is missing from NHL 15 and, if that is the case, it will be a deal-breaker for me. I don’t deal very well with having to play with 68-rated players who I judge to be 76s and, even worse, playing with 85s that have faded significantly to a level in the mid-70s. I don’t play on line and so I’ve always been able to create the NHL as I see it and now that opportunity has been eliminated. The updating and serious evaluation of player ratings has always lagged behind in the NHL series and now there is nothing I can do about it … except maybe through create-a-player mode (if that still exists).

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