David Desharnais’ Unstoppable Slump

Max Pacioretty & David Desharnais
Written by Frank Violette
David Desharnais

David Desharnais at his best!

The Montreal Canadiens are having a not so bad of a season debut, they just beat the New York Islanders which gives them a decent 9-8-1 record. The biggest part of their success is the performances of the young guns like Gallagher, Eller and mostly Galchenyuk. While these kids are doing great, a few big names aren’t meeting up with what is expected from them. Max Pacioretty and David Desharnais are the players that are missing the boat the most this year.

Between the two guys I must say that Pacioretty is the one that maybe should get a bit of slack since he’s been already injured twice this year. So today I’m going to bash Desharnais. JK but not that much, Desharnais has proven that he can compete in this league a couple of seasons ago but what’s going on with him since he signed his big 14$ millions contract?

I have a few different theories around this, the first one would be the departure of Erik Cole, the second one is that he can’t coping with the pressure of the contract and the third one is the unstable lines that Michel Therrien is imposing him.

David Desharnais’ Broken Heart After Cole’s Trade

Even though he’s not really missed by the fans, I think he was a very good influence on David Desharnais’ play. Since Erik Cole was traded to the Dallas Stars in exchange of Michael Ryder, David’s performance has dropped drastically and he’s not showing any sign of getting back on track.

Why was Cole traded? Because he wasn’t a ‘team’ guy, and he made a few comments that didn’t pleased the Habs bosses.

David Desharnais’ BIG Contract

The contract that he signed is not that big of a contract, but for a guy who had to prove himself at every level this contract was a great reward to the amazing amount of effort that he put in to get a one way contract in the NHL. Most of all, this contract is with the Montreal Canadiens, every french Canadians dream.

So by signing this contract does he put too much pressure on himself to get even better? Or is it the pressure that the fans are putting on him that is making him disappear every game? In my opinion it’s neither, I think it’s the media that are making him crumble under the pressure by reminding him EVERY SINGLE DAY that he didn’t not had any points the game before.

David’s Random Line Partners

Another reason that David’s slump is not going away is the different wingers that Therrien is giving him every night. I know it’s not an excuse but maybe is the kind of player who needs stables linemates to be able to produce constantly in this league. The guy showed a lot of chemistry when playing with Max Pacioretty, so maybe a solution to this problem would be to paired them for at least a few games.

Desharnais Healthy Scratch

Now that Briere is back in the line-up and that Desharnais is watching the game from the press box, it will probably take an injury to one of the centerman to get back into the CH’s line-up. He was scratched on Tuesday’s game against the Tampa Bay Lightning and he probably won’t be playing against the Blue Jackets unless a surprise from Therrien comes up.

Solutions For His Slump

The only solution that I see for him would be to go back in Hamilton to get his confidence back but is one way contract is stopping this from happening. Sooooooo the only thing he can do is continue to work hard and wait for someone to get injured(hopefully not Plekky or Eller) so he can show that he belongs to this league.


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