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Connor McDavid… The Next Big Star?

Connor McDavid - Erie Otters
Written by Frank Violette

Everyone is comparing McDavid to Sid the Kid and even a few dares to compare him to the great one Wayne Gretzky. But the kid hasn’t even played one single NHL game so what is all the fuss about? We’ll try to figure out more about why he’s seen has the next big NHL star.

Connor McDavid – January 13th 1997

McDavid was born in Newmarket Ontario. He was one of only four player to be awarded the status of Exceptional Player, making him eligible for the CHL draft one year earlier at the age of 15. Only John Tavares, Aaron Ekblad and Sean Day and we all know now that Tavares is one of the best in the league. This exception that is made for only the rarest of talent is a great plus for any player giving them an extra year to develop as a professional hockey player.

Ontario Hockey League Career

Connor was drafted by the Erie Otters in 2012 and made an impact on the team right away, at only 15 years old he finished the season with 66 points in 63 games. The team didn’t make the playoff that year but the next season McDavid was able to push them as contenders of the OHL championship.

For his second season he got 99 points in 56 games, which for a 16 year old is very impressive, but it’s nothing compared to his draft season. So far the kid as played 14 games and has average of 3 points per game and 1 goal per game, so the kid is at an impressive 42 points! Not only that but the Erie Otters did not loose a game so far this year making them the top team in the CHL for this 2015 season.

Who Will Draft McDavid?

So far there’s are a few teams that are stuck at the bottom of the standings. The battle for McDavid will probably be between the Buffalo Sabres, Carolina Hurricanes and yes… the very Lame Edmonton Oilers!

One thing is for sure, the team that will have the privilege to draft this kid will be cup contenders in no time.

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