Brenden Morrow moving to Pittsburgh

Brenden Morrow with the Dallas StarsThe Pittsburgh Penguins are preparing for the playoffs early this year with the acquisition of Brenden Morrow from the Dallas Stars. They are making a big statement with this trade, with them being on top of the Eastern conference they are showing that they are going for the cup this year (they are every year, I know).It’s a big lost for the Dallas Stars but they would of probably lose him this year with is contract ending.

Why did they make this deal?


The main reason that I see is that Brenden Morrow is a hard worker and a great leader, he was the captain of the Dallas Stars for 7 years. He’s wasn’t considered a scoring menace with while playing for the Dallas Stars but I bet that he’ll be even better than Pascal Dupuis(we all know that Crosby is feeding the guy).

And another reason they made this trade is to fill Evgeni Malkin’s spot, like I said he won’t bring you a whole lots of points but he will lead you to victory and since the Pittsburgh Penguins don’t really need more offense might as well bring in a great leader. I mean Crosby as 52 points in 32 games with Pascal Dupuis on his line sooooooo.

What’s great in this deal is that it didn’t cost too much for Pittsburgh to get Morrow, they gave Joe Morrow a young defenseman, which the Penguins don’t really need at this time. And the Dallas Stars were able to get something in return instead of just losing Morrow in the Free agent market this summer.

Overall I think this is a great trade for both teams, for the Dallas Stars it’s going to help in a near future and for the Pittsburgh Penguins it’s going to be a big boost for their 2013 playoffs run.

All the details about the Brenden Morrow trade can be found here

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