Pittsburgh Penguins Are Going For The Stanley Cup

Jarome Iginla Vancouver 2010 OlympicsDo you remember when Sid the Kid scored in over time in the Gold medal at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver? Do you remember who passed him the puck on that play? Jarome Iginla, and guess what he just got traded to Pittsburgh last night for a First Round Draft Pick , Benneth Agostino and Ben Hanowski. That golden goal wasn’t the only play that they had chemistry on that tournament, Iginla and Cosby Dominated that tournament and played very well together.

I’m not sure if he’s going to play with Crosby, because that first line of Dupuis Crosby and Kunitz as a pretty solid chemistry going on, but he is for sure playing on the top 2 lines. For me I would think he should replace Pascal Dupuis, he’s good but I mean he was a 3rd liner with the trashers, it’s just Crosby who’s feeding the guy. With Iginla, Kunitz and Crosby on the first line, Malkin Neal and maybe Dupuis on the second line this team will be unbeatable (they are on a pretty good winning streak without those players so imagine the damage they’ll do in the playoffs).

Ray Shero is probably the most active GM I saw in a while, he got Murray, Morrow AND Iginla in ONE week, that’s pretty amazing. IT’s pretty bold move he’s sacrificing the future a lot with those trade but for a Stanley Cup, it’s worth it. First round elimination it’s a total disaster.

Being A Montreal Canadiens fan I’m a little bit deceived to see all the big names for the trade deadline going to Pittsburgh hopefully the Penguins fans are happy with those acquisitions.

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