3 Things To Do During The NHL Lockout

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Written by Frank Violette

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Gary Bettman asked Steve Fehr for a 2 week break of negotiations between the NHLPA and the owners, so with the hopes of having an NHL season getting slimmer every day, we need to fill the hole that is created by the lockout. Here’s a list of 5 things to do instead of watching your favourite team on tv.


If you’re just a little bit of a gamer and love the game of hockey, there’s a good chance you’re going to love playing NHL 13 from EA sports (it’s in the game). It’s great to play alone but for a great time get a bunch of friend together and just beat the hell out of everyone online.


Follow your team’s AHL team, not as exciting as the NHL but it’s still a high level of competition and more exciting than watching the bachelor Canada. It’s a great opportunity to watch the young propescts of you NHL team develop. Especially this year with all the NHL rookies being able to play in the AHL like Couturier, Nugent-Hopkins, Eberle and lots more. It’s like junior hockey but when it’s on TV there’s a better chance of having it in HD.


Go out and attend a local game either Midget AAA or event at junior level, either way it’s a good time and pretty cheap too. In some arena it’s pretty easy to snuggle some beers in and have a even better time. Back to hockey now, There’s nothing better than being at a game and really feel the game, earing the hits and the crowd, and your girlfriend can’t whine because you’re watching the game so that’s another plus.

Remember the game still exists it’s just that the best players in the world can’t play because owners wan’t mo money they don’t care about the fans.

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