2013 NHL Trade Deadline Preview

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April 3rd is the trade deadline for this 2013 NHL Season, a lot of big trades has been made so far, all off them to Pittsburgh… Pittsburgh is the most active team so far to boost themselves for a chance at the Stanley Cup with the acquisition of Douglas Murray, Brenden Morrow and of course they won the derby for Jarome Iginla. A lot of the big names as already been traded but there is still a few more that will probably get traded or “loaned” to a team.

Let’s start with the Calgary Flames, this team is officially in rebuilt mode since they traded Jarome Iginla to the Pittsburgh Penguins. They have a few more guys that are on the marked to be traded, Jay Bouwmeester and Mikka Kiprusoff.

For Mikka Kiprusoff altought he could helped the Flames by getting trading for prospects, the statement he made by saying that he wouldn’t report to the team that he would be traded to. By saying that, a lot of the GMs will hesitate before doing a trade for him. So we can forget about him being traded.

Next up Jay Bouwmeester, this offensive defenseman could help a lot of teams and I’m pretty they could get more than what they got for Iginla. One of the team that could be interested for his service is the Detroit Red Wings, since the retirement of Lidstrom they desperately need some offence from that blue line and Bouwmeester could be the guy.

It sucks for Flames fan because that rebuilding process is going to take a few years, depending on the growth of their prospect he could be a few years before they make the playoffs again.

Another team considered to be a seller are the Dallas Stars, they got a few big names one the lineup that are on their last year of contract, Derek Roy and Jaromir Jagr.

Derek Roy is a veteran now in this league at 29 years old he played a lot of hockey and he could help a team get far in the playoffs, maybe the Habs if Bourque doesn’t come back or maybe even Boston would like to have him.

And now Jaromir Jagr, the guy is 41 years old but he’s still the number one scorer on his team, I’m pretty sure that the Stars will try hard to trade him for a few prospects. Again this guy could help a lot of team even more than Roy, Jagr knows how to win and everyone body in the locker room loves him. I would LOVE to see him in Montreal with Thomas Plekanec they were doing great when they played together during the lockout and I’m sure he would help the Habs during the playoffs.


Other players that could be traded:

Mason Raymond

Ryan Clowe

Roberto Luongo, don’t think it will happen but you never know.

Ryan Whitney

I don’t know about you but this shortened season was one of the best season I followed so far (I’ve been watching Hockey for the last 10 years), and I can’t wait to start watching the playoffs.

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