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Why P.K. Subban’s Contract Is Awesome for Habs Fan

PK Subban new Contract

9 MILLIONS DOLLARS PER YEAR!?!?!?!?! That was my second reaction, my first one was 8 years, that’s AMAZING! As a habs fan I was really glad that they we’re able to sign him for 8 years because he’s a very important piece of this teams’ future. The 9 million of cap space that he’ll be using for the next 8 ... Read More »

NHL 15 Review – Xbox One

Nhl 15 Cover - Patrice Bergeron

This review is based on the DEMO version of NHL 15, I will update the content once the game is released on September 9th. First off, anyone wondering if the EASHL will be on the next Gen consoles? The answer is NO! This is a big deal for a lot of NHL fans and will probably affect the sales of ... Read More »

Olympics Men Hockey Round Robin Resume

Sochi Round Robin Resume - Men Hockey

Alright, up to now we have got a lot of good hockey. Not a lot of surprises but there was a few but the biggest one are to come. Starting now, you lose a game you lose the gold. So here it is, the resume for the Men Hockey round robin at the Sochi Olympics. Team USA Their first game ... Read More »

Sidney Crosby 2014 Season Review

Sidney Crosby 2014 Season Review

Alright, I think that if a player deserve a full post about his season every year is the one and only Sidney Crosby. After a lot of doubt on his performance after coming back from a lot of injuries, Crosby is still proving to be the best player in the NHL(in the world as well). With the Sochi coming up ... Read More »

USA Men Hockey Roster – 2014 Sochi Olympics

USA Olympic Hockey Team

Team USA probably at the best way to announce their roster compare to the other teams, they use the winter classic game between the Leafs and the Red Wings to announced their roster right after the game. Got some big name on their but will it be enough? Compared to other teams like Sweden and Canada they seemed to be ... Read More »

Sochi Olympics Men Hockey Schedule

Sochi Olympics Men Hockey Schedule

The Olympic hockey tournament will have a 12 nations placed in 3 groups, the winner of each group will get a bye directly into the quarter finals. Click here for the Medal Round Brackets Sochi Olympics Hockey Groups GROUP A GROUP B GROUP C United States Russia Slovakia Slovenia Canada Finland Austria Norway Sweden Czech Republic Switzerland Latvia Sochi Hockey ... Read More »

Olympic Hockey Team Canada Preview

Team Canada Sochi Olympics

After winning the 2010 Winter Olympics on their home soil, the Canadian National Team will look to steal another gold medal next month in Sochi. The roster has been officially announced this week, and while there are certainly some players who feel as though they have been snubbed, they will go to Russia with 25 top-level players. Leading the way ... Read More »

Canada Men Hockey Roster – 2014 Sochi Olympics

Sochi Team Canda Roster

Here it is, Team Canada’s roster for the 2014 Sochi Olympics. Any surprises? sochi hockey schedule right here! Forwards Patrick Sharp CHICAGO 25G 20A 45PTS Sidney Crosby PITTSBURGH 23G 39A 62PTS Steven Stamkos* TAMPA BAY 14G 9A 23PTS Ryan Getzlaf ANAHEIM 20G 27A 47PTS Jonathan Toews CHICAGO 15G 28A 43PTS Corey Perry ANAHEIM 22G 21A 43PTS Matt Duchene COLORADO 16G ... Read More »

Steven Stamkos Injury Update

Steven Stamkos Sochi Olympics

One of the most exciting tournaments in hockey will be start in just a few weeks, while Canada’s roster hasn’t been announced yet we all have a pretty good idea who’s going to make the roster but there still a few spots that we aren’t sure and I’m sure that Yzerman his asking himself the same questions. The biggest one ... Read More »

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