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Hottest NHL Wives – NSFW

Hottest NHL Wifes Slide

Alright boys and some of you girls… Get ready to watch some beautiful ladies. This is a top 10 of the hottest NHL wifes in the NHL. NHL players are tough (and rich) men so it’s no wonder why they get some of the most beautiful ladies. Emma Andersson—Henrik Zetterberg Jessica Welch—Richard Zednik, Dustin Penner Amy McCarthy—Dan Hinote Hilary Duff—Mike ... Read More »

NHL Standing Predictions 2015

nhl 2015 standings predictions

Every year there’s a few teams that surprisingly gets a playoff spot and every year there’s a team or two that losses their top contender spot in the NHL. This is the Division Standings that I think that we’ll have at the end of the 2015 NHL Season. Atlantic Division Standing Prediction 1. Tampa Bay Lightning 2. Montreal Canadiens 3. ... Read More »

NHL Week 0 Around the League

Crosby and Boychuk watching a movie.

The start of the 2015 NHL season is only hours away and I couldn’t wait any longer! As a Montreal Canadiens fan I was able to enjoy a longer season of hockey but I was still anxious for the season to start to see them go even further next year. Read More »

NHL 2015 Season Preview

2015 Stanley Cup Contenders

Alright! The new season is only 1 week away. We all know that every one has a chance at the cup when no game has been played yet, but here’s my top 4 cup contenders for the 2015 NHL season. First let’s describe what is a Cup Contender. It’s a team that is at 90% sure to reach the conference ... Read More »

NY Islanders Acquires Johnny Boychuk & Nick Leddy

Islanders Trades

The New York Islanders gave a BIG BOOST to their defensive squad today! Boston Bruins Salary Cap Issues With the signing of Torey Krug and Reilly Smith a few weeks ago, the Bruins had to clear some space on their salary cap so they needed to get rid of a big contract. Johnny Boychuk was being chased by 9 teams ... Read More »

2015 NHL Rookie of the Year

nhl 15 top Rookies

The season hasn’t started yet but like very year there’s a bunch of kids making the NHL and winning the Calder Trophy. This trophy signifies that the kid will probably have a great career in the NHL, some exceptions apply, Sergei Samsonov and Andrew Raycroft just to name a few. Even without any games played this year there’s already a ... Read More »

Why P.K. Subban’s Contract Is Awesome for Habs Fan

PK Subban new Contract

9 MILLIONS DOLLARS PER YEAR!?!?!?!?! That was my second reaction, my first one was 8 years, that’s AMAZING! As a habs fan I was really glad that they we’re able to sign him for 8 years because he’s a very important piece of this teams’ future. The 9 million of cap space that he’ll be using for the next 8 ... Read More »

NHL 15 Review – Xbox One

Nhl 15 Cover - Patrice Bergeron

This review is based on the DEMO version of NHL 15, I will update the content once the game is released on September 9th. First off, anyone wondering if the EASHL will be on the next Gen consoles? The answer is NO! This is a big deal for a lot of NHL fans and will probably affect the sales of ... Read More »

Olympics Men Hockey Round Robin Resume

Sochi Round Robin Resume - Men Hockey

Alright, up to now we have got a lot of good hockey. Not a lot of surprises but there was a few but the biggest one are to come. Starting now, you lose a game you lose the gold. So here it is, the resume for the Men Hockey round robin at the Sochi Olympics. Team USA Their first game ... Read More »

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